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Hello and welcome to my Learning Educational Toys website. Toys children can learn from have become my favorite items in my house! Over the years I have purchased several types and brands. They’re back once again in every room, even the bathroom! My number one picks though are the ones with lights and sounds!

My Story

I am a 46-year-old single mother of 4 beautiful children, 3 of them are all adults, 26, 24 and 20, I am very proud of the wonderful people they have become. My 4th child, Bean is 22 months old. Who ALREADY knows the whole alphabet, 12 shapes, 8 colors and numbers 1 through 20!!!! I’m so proud of him also!

A lot of people say, ” well you’re sure starting over”, I guess I did and I love it! My oldest child is my only daughter and then there’s my 3 boys.

As they were growing up my daughter was a brownie for a short time and the boys were boy scouts for a long period. Then they also played in sports and were active in their schools with groups, dances, etc. They are all well-rounded young individuals.

A lot of people also say,” boys will be boys”, meaning they are rough ones and wild. I would get to smile and say, ” Not my boys”. My older boys have never been that way and if all goes well my toddler will hopefully be the same as them.

Now On To My Theory

I am mainly suggesting the fact of that is because maybe throughout my oldest children’s younger years there were always massive amounts of TOYS!

Now, not stating that you have to have the over-abundance of toys that we did, but just having some good learning toys your children can be occupied with while you are cooking, or cleaning or helping another child with homework or anything else is great to have around.

Or when time permits engaging in that toy with them. Something they can play with and learn from, even though they don’t realize their learning, they are just simply playing.

Great toys, Happy Kids, Happy Parent(S)

Whether your a single mom or dad or married with kids, LIFE IS BUSY! So having a few learning educational toys strewn throughout your house, yard or even your car is just one of the small things in life for a very short period.

You know what people say “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Determined in helping you find Great Toys for little Enquiring Minds

If you ever have a question or want suggestions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

If there are some great toys you know about do tell, do tell !

Also please leave comments on your child’s favorite learning educational toys and share what they got out of it, that they don’t even have a clue they did, BUT you do!

All the best,



Hi, I'm Shelly and I am a die hard MOM, I do all things related to my little one, nothing more and NEVER anything less. I am addicted to providing my little one with love,time and great Learning Educational Toys. I thought that I should share some of my views with you about them! I hope you enjoy! Happy Playing, Shelly


  1. Bean is a cutie ! Thank you for this site. I really enjoyed going thru this and getting great ideas from someone whose been there. Will be back. Thanks again

    1. Hello Deb, I’m glad you enjoyed my site, Thanks for visiting it! Be sure to check back often for new info. Thanks for your feedback!
      Happy Playing, Shelly

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