Alphabet Puzzle and Flashcard Game

So I decided today since Bean has mastered the Alphabet puzzle that maybe I should introduce some flashcards into the mix.
So what I have decided to do is simply use the same puzzle and either you can go purchase a set of letter flashcards or you can make your own.

mom and son

We sat on the floor with both things and as he was taking all the little letters out of the puzzle and saying, “y, yo-yo”, I started out with a card from the deck and I said, “J, can you find the J?” He of course did and we did a HOORAY !

We moved thru the alphabet puzzle doing this game. I then decided to mix it up a bit and give him a challenge since he knows the letters pretty good now. I said “cow, what does cow start with?”

Being only 22 months old , he said, “C, cow – moo”, we did a huge HOORAY and clapped and hugged. That’s what we do most of the time. I love for him to be excited about the cutest things ever! So on and on we went through the flashcards and letters. He didn’t get all the objects with the letter correct but there is always tomorrow.

yo yo

So I just wanted to share what exciting new idea we could do with his Alphabet puzzle and maybe you can incorporate this activity into your playtime!

Let me know what you think about this idea and if you have any ideas about alphabet puzzles and flashcards yourself.

Thanks and Happy Playing


Hi, I'm Shelly and I am a die hard MOM, I do all things related to my little one, nothing more and NEVER anything less. I am addicted to providing my little one with love,time and great Learning Educational Toys. I thought that I should share some of my views with you about them! I hope you enjoy! Happy Playing, Shelly

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