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So if you read my About Us page you would have read about my love for all toys with lights and sounds that typically drive parents crazy.I simply can’t  get enough of them! We have several of the Laugh and Learn toys with the cute little Fisher Price Puppy.

Bean has been addicted to this puppy for a little while. Right about the age of 8 months is when he really started to notice him talking and lighting up on a lot of his toys. I have to admit I was the one buying most of them, so I am addicted too! He has learned so much from them in a very short time.

These toys can be introduced at a very young age and also be great preschool educational toys. You know when it’s about that time and your 3 year old is like a college student and you’re trying to cram in information before the big evaluation day.

Just kidding, I hope that’s not happening but you know what I mean!


This amazing toy we have keeps teaching kids through many stages of learning. Just by your little one putting these colorful blocks on this circle the toy knows what color and what object is on the block.

Puppy tells your child a lot of first words with songs and phrases like “cat, a cat says Meow ” or “the wagon is red”.

Each different block they choose has a different word and color associated with it. The base where the block goes lights up and has great sound effects when the child places the block on it.

The blocks are a great size for their tiny hands to hold and are quite durable, ours have been thrown about EVERYWHERE and are just like new!

This particular Laugh and Learn toy comes with 8 blocks but if you want to expand their learning you can buy more blocks that go with it. I actually got lucky and came across more blocks in a resale shop here in my city.

The blocks are kept on the base and in this open chamber where baby can push a lever down and the blocks fall down-and-out which teaches cause and effect.

As we are playing and Bean is repeatedly putting the blocks in, I say, “in the top,” and then when he is pushing the lever down, I”ll say, “and out the bottom.” Then he does it again and again!

So I’m also teaching him opposites as we play. In and out and top and bottom!

Numbers and Colors

I have to say, that I think this is the toy that Bean learned his numbers 1 through 5 from.

The base has 5 numbers that light up with 5 different colors. Puppy will ask, “where is the 3?”. Then he goes on to say, “a triangle has 3 sides.”

Later it will ask where is green or red and so on through 5 primary colors. Bean had all those numbers and all the colors on this toy memorized at about 19 months old. I’m telling you this Laugh and Learn toy is amazing! !

Preschool Educational Toys

As your child is learning more and more the Laugh and Learn toys that I have come across have a button to level up on. There are usually 3 levels on these toys. Your child can access this switch also and I think it is a great feature because your basically getting 3 toys in one!

Bonus for the wallet!

So when they want to do something different they just move the switch and presto they have a different challenge. All with different phrases and songs. The Laugh and Learn toy also plays a little, “do do da do”, when your child gets something correct, so they feel good and happy and encourages more play! Bean throws his hands in the air and does an excited “Hooray”! So stinking cute.

Different Ages Different Stages

All children learn at different ages and go through the stages of development at different times. Even though, Bean is learning things at a rapid pace doesn’t mean all babies do. All households are different, all parents are different with our everyday activities and jobs etc.

Whatever rate your baby is learning at this is a top pick toy in my opinion. The age level for it is 9 months through 36 months, so the range for growth with this Laugh and Learn First Words Toy is very wide.

It goes from infant to a preschool educational toy!

That is quite a big gap. That’s probably what makes me love these toys so much.

I will also say that if a toy doesn’t have any small pieces or hazards for Bean at a younger age I do buy some toys that are geared toward a tad bit older child just because he seems so educationally advanced.

Therefore, his toys last him a long time. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to buy more of them though.

Shh, don’t tell anyone, you can never have ENOUGH  toys!

I hope this post has helped you in looking for ONE of many toys to come !

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the Laugh and Learn First Words Puppy or any great toy for that matter!

Happy Playing,


Hi, I'm Shelly and I am a die hard MOM, I do all things related to my little one, nothing more and NEVER anything less. I am addicted to providing my little one with love,time and great Learning Educational Toys. I thought that I should share some of my views with you about them! I hope you enjoy! Happy Playing, Shelly


  1. Hi Shelly, thank you so much for sharing these toys.
    I am really looking for one to give ( as a gift) to my close friend`s daughter. She is already 10 months old.
    I would like to give something that she can learn from. Do you think the Laugh and Learn First Words is good choice for her? Do you think her age is ok for this kind of toy?
    Hoping to hear your answer soon.

    1. Hi Hanna, your welcome.
      I think the Laugh and Learn First Words is a great choice for any little one, and I also think 8 months old is a perfect age for this toy. At this point most babies are sitting up alone and are really getting curious to all the things around them. The lights and sounds and the talking of Puppy are really engaging and the blocks are perfect size for little hands and so colorful and just by simply setting a block on the circular base it describes what object or color is on the block or it gives a description of the object. This toy doesn’t have hard buttons to press or knobs to flip. It is a great choice if that’s what you decide!
      We actually played with this toy tonight!
      Thanks for the comment I hope this has helped you. Happy Playing, Shelly

  2. Hi!
    This is really good to know! I have a 19 month year old daughter. Do you think she can use this toys?
    I never thought about toys like something she can learn from, but of course she can! Thank you for this tips!

    1. Hello, your 19 month is at a perfect age for learning! These toys that I am talking about thus far are great for them to just play while they are absorbing so much information at the same time! Your welcome, thank you for reading. Happy Playing Shelly

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